Take control of your online safety with IDSafeGuard.​

Get protected today with 24/7 Identity Protection security from IDSafeGuard

Get protected today with 24/7 Identity Protection security from IDSafeGuard

IDSafeGuard. Ensuring you are always protected.

The most complete identity protection suite in the market. Making sure you are covered 24/7 both online and offline.


IDSafeGuard monitors your online identity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We check millions of websites on the web and dark web using our unique algorithms to see if your details have been compromised.


IDSafeGuard will alert you via SMS and Email instantly if your personal or financial details are found online. We ensure lighting fast alerts to enable you to take action before your details are used fraudulently  


IDSafeGurard will guide and assist you to remove compromised data and mitigate losses you may have incurred from data theft. We can also guide you on how to request new information after being compromised.

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  • Full Surveillance and Fraud Detection
  • Instant Access to Your Account
  • Instant Real Time Fraud Alerts

Highlighted Features

ensuring you are always protected

always on

The IDSafeGuard service monitors your ID online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, giving you complete protection at all times.

Identity protection

We monitor your Passport, Driving Licence and National Insurance number to ensure your identity is safe online.

financial protection

We search web to see if your financial information including card numbers and bank accounts have been compromised.

id fraud protection

We search to see if your passport, driving licence, NHS card or Nation Insurance number have been leaked online.

dark web searches

Using our advanced algorithms we search the entire dark web to ensure your details are being used or sold online.

instant fraud alerts

We search millions of locations on the web and dark web and alert you instantly if your details have been compromised online.

Identity Fraud in Numbers

surprising statistics

people were victims of cybercrime in the UK alone in 2018
of all consumers have there identity compromised online
stolen on a daily basis through internet fraud in the uk

Always be Protected Online with IDSafeGuard.

IDSafeGuard provides you with 24/7 identity protection, covering all financial and personal information.

You will be alerted in real-time if your identity has been compromised, allowing you to mitigate financial losses.

Pricing Table

pricing for full protection

Pro Plan

Billed Per Month

What We Protect

10 Email Addresses
10 Phone Numbers
10 Credit/Debit Cards
10 Bank Accounts
10 Retail Cards
1 NI Number
1 Drivers Licence
1 Passport Number

Whats Included

get protected, stay protected
  • Full deep web and dark web monitoring
  • Instant alerts of suspicious activity via text and email
  • 24/7 secure access to your personal and secure dashboard
  • Skilled specialists dedicated to restoring your account
  • Data breach and fictitious identity notifications
  • Passport and Driving licence monitoring​
  • Searches across illegal file-sharing websites​
  • Bank account and credit/debit card monitoring​
  • Phone and Email security and monitoring​
  • Advice and guides how to stay secure online

We know how important your Identity is, so we have you covered.

ID Theft is a national crisis in the UK, with over £12,200,000 stolen everyday through online identity fraud and theft. IDSafeGuard ensures you are secure both online and offline, with instant alerts and protection.


Fraudsters can use your Passport to open bank accounts, take out loans, credit cards and even mortgages. We ensure your passport details are secure and not leaked online.

credit cards

Did you know that over 20% of all UK citizens have their credit or debit card details compromised? We trawl the web and dark web to ensure your card details are secure.

driving licence

Alongside your passport, your driving licence is the next most important ID that fraudsters can use to secure credit and open fake accounts in your name. We monitor your driving licence.

personal details

Criminals can gain access to your personal details including email, phone, address and other personal information to set up accounts in your name. We ensure you are protected.


Fraudsters can use your bank account details to withdraw money, receive loans and set up direct debits. We ensure your bank account details have not been leaked online and are secure.

Dark web

The Dark Web has many market places where fraudsters sell stolen information including cards and bank accounts. We trawl the dark web 24/7 to ensure your details are not listed

Contact Us

IDSafeGuard skilled security advisors are on hand to assist your every need. Should you have any questions regarding the services offfered, or just want to speak to a customer service agent, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help.


Tel: 0330 350 2480
Mon – Fri: 8am – 8pm
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Email: info@idsafeguard.co.uk

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